Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to look at my website. The stamps, coins and the philatelic material presented here have being collected over a number of years. I grew up with the stamps and stamp collections because my father Nicolae was a collector back in Romania. Since my early childhood I remember my father meeting with other stamp collectors and exchange or buy stamps for his collection. When we left Romania in 1967 to live in Greece, my father applied his stamp knowledge and experience with collectors to establish a stamp enterprise “ Philamond” which operated on Navarinou Street in Athens, Greece. My mother started her own collection of Greek stamps which I inherited when she passed away and some of the old Romanian stamps were given to me by my father before he passed away. I followed the steps of my father and started to collect stamps from Canada, France, U.S.A., Australia and some interesting first day covers.


I can divide my collection in the following categories:


      –     Old stamps from Romania;

         Old and recent stamps from Greece;

         First day covers from Greece;

         Stamps from France;

         Stamps from Canada;

         First Day covers Canada;

         Yearly books collection Canada starting in 1979;

         Yearly books collection Australia;

         United States commemorative stamps-first day covers bearing also a 22kt  Gold replica of the stamps by Postal Commemorative Society from 1980 to 1990;

         World First Day cover of the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana;

         World First Day cover of the Royal  wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah;

         The Franklin D. Roosevelt Collector’s Panel issued by Fleetwood on January 30, 1982 by artist John Swatsley and Limited Edition to 3,500 Panels;

         The George Washington Collector’s Panel, issued by Fleetwood on February 22, 1982 by artist John Swatsley and Limited Edition to 3,500 Panels;

         Mint-condition of the 1976 U.S. Bicentennial Souvenir Sheets issued on May 29, 1976;

         Canada-France Jacques Cartier Medalist First Day Cover;

         Canada 25th Anniversary of the St. Lawrence Seaway Medalist First Day Cover;

         The Presidents of the United States  36 Mint Stamps issued May 22, 1986 for Ameripex International Stamp Show, Illinois, May 22-June 1, 1986;


         VE Day Commemoration May 1995 London U.K. King Michael of Romania Souvenir Sheet;

         Golden Replicas of U.S. classic stamps-covers with only gold replicas of the classic stamps. This  is a custom-designed luxurious album with a complete collection of 100 of America’s greatest stamps authentically re-created on a gleaming surface of  22kt gold;

         The Franklin Mint complete miniature collection of the 100 most significant stamps issued, re-created authentically and minted in sterling silver;         Artistamps-Library Square Vancouver, Canada;

         America’s State Duck stamp collection 1988 and 1989;

         Audubon Society wild life conservation stamps;

         Mondo Postale 35-Mona Lisa produced in Vancouver, Canada;

         Blue Elvis produced in Vancouver, Canada;

         The Elvis Stamps produced in Vancouver, Canada;

         Jimi Hendrix Mondo Postale 65, produced in Vancouver, Canada;

         Kurt Cobain-Mondo Postale 80, produced in Vancouver, Canada;


A small collection of used and unused coins from China, France, Greece, Canada.

Only a few coins are presented here.



      – Nicolae Vermont – Tirgoviste, Curtea Domneasca, oil painting

      – Kimon Loghi – Balcic, oil painting

      – Jean Alexandru Steriadi – portret drawing

        The above paintings were in my house  in Bucharest, Romania since my childhood.



Nicolae Vermont (October 10, 1866June 14, 1932) was a Romanian realist painter, graphic artist and muralist. He was noted for his wide range of subjects and his interest in social issues, and was an associate of the post-Impressionists Ştefan Luchian and Constantin Artachino, as well as a friend of the controversial art collector and political figure Alexandru Bogdan-Piteşti.



Kimon Loghi (1873 – 1952) painter, born in Serres, Macedonia, deceased on 1952. Studies : The Academy of Fine Arts – Munchen Germany 1890, The School of Fine Arts, Bucharest Romania 1894. Has studied with Frederic Storck and Theodor Aman. Works in Sinaia Museum, Romania.



Jean Alexandru Steriadi (29 October 188023 November 1956) was a Romanian painter and drawing artist. He made portraits and compositions based on a strong, expressive drawing; then he evoluated towards impressionistic influenced landscapes in which the subtle harmony is combined with a refined sense of picturesque (“The Morizzi House”, “Ships in the Brăila Harbour”).


So enjoy looking at the stamps coins and paintings, I will include my personal contact numbers in case you would like to get in touch with me or even make an offer to purchase this amazing collection.


Thank you !

Dan Manarovici

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

tel. 001 – (778) 893-3459  

3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Dan, I have just become the recipient of my father-in-law’s stamp collection. I have just begun to go through them all, a little at a time. I came across a collection that you have or had and I am curious as to what the value is, as I cannot find another like it, other than your website. It is the George Washington Collector’s Panel, 1982, first edition. If you could please direct me as to where I can get this appraised, or if you have an idea, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you. Bonnie Coste

  2. we have several oil paintings at home. some are even vintage old paintings that dates back several decades ago _

  3. laurence thau Says:

    hello have a huge collection for over 30 years almost mint condtion 94 covers from postal conmemorative sicity first day covers usa ,would like to know how can i sell them..thank you back to me @

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